before and after me…
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And you thought I only asked my clients for a “before” picture! Last time we talked, I told you some pretty personal stuff about my experiences as a curvy woman. And I told you that I now love to have my photo taken. I stand by what…

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I love it when people take my picture…
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This story is dedicated to all the young moms out there, who feel like they have lost a little bit of themselves and aren’t happy with the way they “look”. When I was a young woman in my 30’s, I became an world-class expert at avoiding…

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You might be chosen!
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  We’re going to spoil you rotten and create some gorgeous portraits. One lucky person will be chosen on August 7, 2016! CLICK ON THE PICTURE to participate.

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Hand-Painted Photography Backdrops…
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There’s nothing finer than a new backdrop to play with (okay…maybe a high-end camera or lens is better…WAY better). Even though I had a sore throat and a pounding headache yesterday, I decided it was time to add to my custom backdrops. Crazy? Yes! Happy with…

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How Old Do You Think I am?
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Getting OLD sucks! My right eyelid hangs slack over my eye, I’ve got bizarre hairs appearing on my chin, and both of my knees have turned into real jackasses. Welcome to old age, Jen. Now that you’re in your 50s, the party’s over. What the What?!…

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I’m Not Beautiful
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It’s kind of unsettling to read those words and then look at the image of a stunningly beautiful young woman, because it just doesn’t make any sense. And that is exactly why I am a glamour portrait photographer for women. I absolutely know that all of us are beautiful. I don’t care what size, shape, colour, disfigurement, or physical challenge you may be or have, you ARE beautiful. And if you need to see it to believe it, I can show you. My clients reactions to their portraits are amazing. It’s emotional and many of them get teary, because they start to see themselves the way everybody else sees them…beautiful >>

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Musical Photoshoot
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What an awesome day! Krista has the voice of an angel and plays the guitar like it’s nobody’s business (I can’t believe I didn’t videotape her performing for us)!! Oh, and did I mention that she’s a talented and beautiful actress? I’m kinda jealous…a little…okay…totally jealous! I love meeting young people who are just on the edge of their journey and finding their way to their passion. I’m blown away by how much they’ve got their acts together. It’s inspirational >>

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Christmas Gift Certificate
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You can give your favourite person in the whole world the gift of a day of glamour pampering and a lifetime of gorgeous portraits. If you want to help them with a photo shoot, you could gift them the sitting fee and an amount toward the purchase of a photo package (e.g., sitting fees start at $125 and cover the hair and makeup, and then some people like to give $100 toward the purchase of the photo packages, etc.) Or…you can be a superhero and gift the entire photo shoot package (my clients normally spend $1200 for their photo packages) >>

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Easy Peasy Beauty Tip
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BROW FOR WOW I want to share a little beauty tip that packs a punch–shaping and tinting your eyebrows. Before she became my makeup artist, Alana Agerbo was a really good friend of mine. We met in our kids’ playground at elementary school, when few moms…

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10 Ways to Prep For a Photoshoot
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“What do I need to do for my photoshoot?” Without fail, that’s the first question I get asked when people book photoshoots with me. The first time I went to a photo shoot, I just showed up wearing a nice top. I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t do research. I didn’t think about how I wanted to look. So it’s no surprise I never did like those photos. So here are some of the tips I would recommend for making sure you get the gorgeous photos you’ve been dreaming of >>

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