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I want to share a little beauty tip that packs a punch–shaping and tinting your eyebrows.

Before she became my makeup artist, Alana Agerbo was a really good friend of mine. We met in our kids’ playground at elementary school, when few moms had time to get showered, let alone worry about their eyebrows (okay, maybe just me).

After a few years, she knew me well enough to say, “Swindlay, it’s time you take care of THOSE eyebrows!” (Well! I never!!) First, for some reason the name “Swindlay” stuck like glue when I told my girlfriends that a local retailer misspelled my last name on a package that I was picking up, and he minced around before asking me if I was Mrs. Swindlay (doh). Second, Alana is going to kill me for that version of her words (if she didn’t actually say it exactly out loud like that, I swear that’s what she was thinking).

But I digress. My advice to everyone (men and women) is to take care of your eyebrows for a really polished look. Particularly for photographs. I put my photos in black and white, so that you can see how much of a difference groomed eyebrows make. Normally, my eyebrows are o fair that they’re hard to see, but after they’re tinted and shaped, they really frame my eyes and balance out the scale of my glasses. If you live in the Lower Mainland of BC, my recommendation for fabulous eyebrows is Bombay Brow Bar, which has three locations in Vancouver. Their customer service and chai tea is to die for!!!

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