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And you thought I only asked my clients for a “before” picture!

Last time we talked, I told you some pretty personal stuff about my experiences as a curvy woman. And I told you that I now love to have my photo taken. I stand by what I claimed, one week later. LOL.

I decided to go one step further and post this “before & after” of myself. I want to show the women who put their trust in me that I won’t ask them to do anything that I don’t do myself. It’s such an exhilarating feeling of power and self-acceptance when you let go of all the silly notions about hiding the “real” you from everybody else. We all get up in the morning looking like hell. We all get blemishes. We’ve all got wrinkles and yes, we’ve got squishy bodies. So what!

The minute we all stop pretending we’re perfect, the deeper our relationships will become and the happier we will all feel.

I’m practising authenticity in all aspects of my life. I share pretty much everything with all of my friends and family now. It’s a big step for a girl who was raised to put on a “public face” and not share details about anything too deep. Over the past few years, my little family has been through a lot, and the more I share my story with other people, the more I hear, “Oh my God. The same thing happened to me!” I can see people relax when they realize I won’t judge them. Don’t get me wrong, some stuff is definitely not my story to tell, and I respect my children and husband enough not to ignore their right to privacy.

Authenticity is a daily practise…in my work and in my life.

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