~ Jennifer Findlay ~


I’m a women’s portrait photographer who believes every woman desires and deserves a photo that she falls in love with.

My photoshoots are designed to be a fun experience, where women can feel confident and beautiful. I encourage them to show me their true essence—that special something that makes them uniquely beautiful. It’s not about changing the way they look. It’s changing the way they see themselves so they can celebrate the amazing women they are at this time in their lives. Each day is a gift and a moment to be captured, whether for business branding or personal lifestyle shots, my clients are proud to share their photos with everyone they know!

I started photographing women of all ages, because I wanted to see more women existing in photos. I purposely hid behind my camera for 20 years, so that I wouldn’t be photographed. In 2014 I finally realized that I was hurting my family by not being in our photo history. My sister asked me for pictures that she could put in a Christmas photo album for my parents. I had loads of photos of my children and my husband, but I didn’t have a single picture of me. I was too ashamed of how I looked to be seen in photos. Does that sound familiar to you?

Weight was my issue. I gained 100 lbs over those 20 years, and I felt the opposite of beautiful. Isn’t that the story of so many women? We put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own, and then we judge ourselves for the way our bodies change. We don’t think we’re worthy of being in photographs. The problem is that we’re not only hurting ourselves, but we’re hurting the people we love too. Think about how much you cherish photos of the people you love. They’re priceless.

My dream is to photograph 1,000 women throughout my career, so I can show them how incredibly beautiful they are inside and out. I don’t want any woman to feel the way I used to feel. This life is so precious, and we can’t waste any more time thinking we’re not good enough.


You deserve to exist in photos. You’re worthy and beautiful.

About My Studio

My photography studio is located in Issaquah, Washington, only 25 minutes from downtown Seattle. It’s my dream-come-true space that’s filled with everything my clients love: lots of light, a beautiful white velvet couch, sparkling chandeliers, and a wall of white vintage picture frames.

There’s a large collection of backdrops that add that something special to my clients’ photos. I’m crazy about the Oliphant backdrops that were custom-painted for me by the team that creates backdrops for Annie Liebovitz and Vanity Fair.

Everything is designed to make your photoshoot a very special experience.

I really want you to feel like a Queen for the day.

“Jennifer is a wonderful photographer who knows her stuff! I had a great experience during my photo session that I couldn’t have asked for anything else. She made me feel relaxed, comfortable and overall beautiful. Her professionalism is amazing and she really takes the time to bring out the best in all her clients. Loved my pictures! Now that I found her, I don’t want to go anywhere else to get my pictures done.”

– Asma Mir

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