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Yay! My new Christmas gift certificates just arrived and they look fab-u-lous (I’m typing that in a high-pitched, sing-songy voice)! Now I’m going to do my sales pitch…you better sit down for this one…

You can give your favourite person in the whole world the gift of a day of glamour pampering and a lifetime of gorgeous portraits. If you want to help them with a photo shoot, you could gift them the sitting fee and an amount toward the purchase of a photo package (e.g., sitting fees start at $125 and cover the hair and makeup, and then some people like to give $100 toward the purchase of the photo packages, etc.) Or…you can be a superhero and gift the entire photo shoot package (my clients normally spend $1200 for their photo packages).

I’ll even make Alana Agerbo, my makeup artist, wear an elf suit (she looks amazing in Shamrock Green and cotton batten) and I’ll wear a Santa hat during the shoot!!!!

If you want to order your gift certificate, or you would like more information, just send me an email at Of, you can call/text me at 604-862-0419.

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