Musical Photoshoot
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My, oh my! Krista was in my studio this weekend for a photoshoot. It was kind of an Even-Steven situation. Anyone who has spent any time around kids (or me) is familiar with this scenario: one kid sees the other kid getting an extra Cheerio in their cereal bowl, so they demand justice. When Krista tagged along to her sister’s portrait reveal, following her photoshoot, she wanted to get in on the fun too. Her mom caved (as we all do…sigh) and booked Krista her own glamour photoshoot.

What an awesome day! Krista has the voice of an angel and plays the guitar like it’s nobody’s business (I can’t believe I didn’t videotape her performing for us)!! Oh, and did I mention that she’s a talented and beautiful actress? I’m kinda jealous…a little…okay…totally jealous! I love meeting young people who are just on the edge of their journey and finding their way to their passion. I’m blown away by how much they’ve got their acts together. It’s inspirational.

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