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I’m a true believer in a woman’s beauty, whether she just crawled out of bed with yesterday’s mascara smudged across her cheek and dried drool on her mouth (guilty), or she’s all polished and pretty for a dinner date.

Most days I can be found wearing my yoga pants and a desperate pony tail, and it never fails that somebody sees me incognito and asks me what I do for a living. Doh!!!!

So don’t get me wrong when I post “before & after” photos. I’m not saying my fresh-faced clients aren’t beautiful when they arrive here without flawless hair and makeup. I’m just saying that when they come to my studio, they arrive in their comfy clothes, clean hair and clean faced.

They spend the day having their makeup lovingly applied, their hair styled and some beautiful clothes picked out to play dress up in. There is always music playing, coffee flowing, laughter, fans blowing in hair, chiffon dancing around ankles, and tulle draped over shoulders. Oh, and chocolate. Always chocolate!

The women who I photograph already know what it means to spend the day here. It’s really special, and I can’t imagine why it took me so long to find this amazing career.


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Susan Nacht
Susan Nacht
7 years ago

Come to Long Island and Do me!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!

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