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I looooove stretching this old brain and playing around with lighting, posing and retouching so I can create something a little extra special. Something a client isn’t expecting but falls in love with.

Soooooo, how’s a girl supposed to practise her craft when her 20-yr-old daughter refuses to pose for her, and her 24-yr-old son turns her photo studio in to his temporary office? She starts to mine old client files for diamonds in the rough!

I’m having a ton of fun retouching old files. I love seeing the progression of my shooting style over five years, and it’s awesome to “sort of” spend time with my clients again. It’s almost as good as seeing them in-person. Nope. Nothing like it. Not even close!!!! (stupid pandemic).

Lately, I’m inspired by the incredible portraits painted by the Old Masters. The dark yellow tones and moody, dark lighting just whips up the drama factor.

I’m dying to print this portrait on fine art paper, put it in a thick black mat, and frame it in something with gold-leafing. Freaking gorgeous!

The Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci
Portrait of a Woman, Style of Rembrandt 
Rembrandt self portrait

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4 years ago

Omg! I can totally see what you are going for here! Love it! I think of it as sort of a candle light or fire light effect. And another amazing woman—those green eyes!

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