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If you asked me four years ago if I would ever consider being a portrait photographer, I would have said, “Absolutely not!” (I usually say things like that off the top of my head, in a flamboyantly dramatic way. And then, invariably, it usually comes back to bite me in the ass. Like in 1995, when I said the “ugly” platform heals in London would absolutely NEVER be fashionable in North America. Duh!)

So, it’s not surprising that I’m now a portrait photographer, living in Seattle, and passionately living out my dreams. It’s thanks largely to the woman taking the cell phone shot of me in this fountain. I happened upon Sue Bryce when her career as an educator was taking off big time online. She’s the world’s foremost contemporary portrait photographer, and I’m so happy to be one of her students. Her online education inspired me so much and I fell madly in love with photographing women! I simply can’t imagine doing anything better.

I snagged a ticket to Sue’s Italy Workshop earlier this month, and headed to Graphistudio’s Castello Ceconi in northern Italy. A group of 25 photographers from all over the world gathered to soak up inspiration and to learn from some of the best photographers in the business. We spent two days at this incredible castle and when my feet were hot and sore, Sue whispered, “Get in the fountain!” I didn’t hesitate. Best profile pic, EVER!!!!

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