What To Wear In Photography
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I’m always asked about what to wear in photo shoots.  I love the question because I’m on a personal mission to stop horrible photography from torturing generations of families!!!  Okay, slight exaggeration.  Indulge me.

My first piece of advice is to wear similar colours.  Complimentary colours work well too, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t know what complimentary colours actually are.  I didn’t until I started studying painting years ago (it’s all about the opposites on the colour wheel).  So just keep it simple.  Stick to matching colours.

The reason you want to wear similar colours is that you don’t want any one outfit to overpower every other outfit.  It’s jarring for the eye and rarely works well in portraits.

There are a few colours that are a little tricky in photos, even if you’re wearing all the same colour.  They are: red, yellow and green.  They’re strong colours that cast strong colours on everything around them.  So choose wisely and make sure you talk to your photographer about his/her suggestions.  They’ll know what’s going to work the best.

[vc_row][vc_column width=’1/2′][image_with_text_over width=” image=’http://sugardropsphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/girls-white.jpg’ icon=” icon_size=’fa-lg’ icon_color=” title=’White Textures’ title_color=” title_size=” title_tag=”]

In this image, my clients have white tops on, but they all have different textures, which is exactly what you want.  The eye loves different textures and it gives the image lots of interesting places to look at.  I knew that I was only shooting from the waist up, so I didn’t ask my clients to worry about what was on the bottom half.  If you’re doing a full body shoot, where your whole body is being photographed, I would recommend wearing the same colour on top and bottom, so that you’re elongated and not “cut-off” at the middle.

[/image_with_text_over][/vc_column][vc_column width=’1/2′][image_with_text_over width=” image=’http://sugardropsphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/joy-black.jpg’ icon=” icon_size=’fa-lg’ icon_color=” title=’Little Black Dress’ title_color=” title_size=” title_tag=”]

My client here looks awesome in the black dress.  The eye can travel across the whole picture without freaking out because she’s wearing a pink top and a black skirt.  That’s not to say that your portrait hanging in your living room right now stinks ’cause your wearing your pink top and black skirt (love it, have you lost weight, you look amazing!).  It’s just something that I’m particular about in my photo shoots.  Gulp.


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