Top Tips for Awesome Headshots!
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You only have one tenth of a second to win people over, because that’s how fast they make a judgement about whether or not they trust you. If your headshot isn’t good enough, you’ll be losing lots of potential clients, and you won’t even know it.


Headshots are critical for online marketing. They’re the heavy-lifting business ambassadors that pull in potential clients and make the phone ring. So why does it take us so long to update them? I have polled lots of business women, and most of them put off updating headshots for far too long–like years too long!

You can’t settle for “pretty good” any more. You need to show up for yourself and make sure that your headshot is awesome. Lighting, posing, wardrobe, hair, makeup, expression…all need to be fabulous. If you want to convert “researchers” to “callers”, your photo needs to instantly convince people that you’re friendly, approachable, trustworthy, capable and professional.

My top three tips for headshots:

  1. Never use a selfie, and don’t use photos that are taken when you’re on vacation, or at a restaurant, or on the beach, or when you’re at the park, or skiing.
  2. Update your headshots at least every two years–absolutely max, three years.
  3. Have your photos done professionally. Research professional photographers in your area (not a friend or family member who just loves taking photos as a hobby), and make sure you check out their portfolios to make sure you love their style of photos. There is so much that goes in to a professional portrait–lighting, posing, wardrobe, hair, makeup, background…

I’m always surprised when I am given a business card that doesn’t have the person’s headshot on it. That is wasted real estate. Make sure you have your headshot on your website, business cards and marketing materials. They’re hiring you, not your logo!

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