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I can’t believe how fast time is flying! I opened my South Surrey, BC studio at the beginning of 2015 and now I’m planning my new studio in a suburb of Seattle, Washington. It’s hard to leave something so wonderful behind, but I’m really excited about rebuilding my business.

We moved to the states last year, but I kept my studio open in BC. I finally closed the studio last month and put all of my equipment and wardrobe in a container for shipment to the States. It’s sitting in a warehouse somewhere, waiting to get processed through customs. I’m going a bit crazy not doing photoshoots, but it’s giving me time to study my craft and plan my new studio. My passion for photography is still burning bright, and I can’t wait to start creating again.

I promise that I’ll post a lot more when I start shooting again. In the meantime, think about planning a trip to Seattle to visit me in the fall!!! I might just be incorporating a Bed & Breakfast service to my packages.


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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
6 years ago

Oh no….Seattle…. Best of luck there! Your blessed.
Why can’t you have two studios.

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