Oprah’s Glamour Photography
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Hey… look… Oprah’s got her glam on!  To celebrate her 15th year publishing O Magazine, she underwent a glamour photo shoot, and the results are gorgeous!  It’s interesting that they’re calling this her glamour cover, ’cause I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other more “glamourous” photos on the cover.  My point is that although she’s glamourous, she’s not over the top, and that’s the kind of look I try to achieve when I do glamour photography.

I think people get a little freaked out by the word “glamour”.  I’m not sure why that is, but I do understand, and I try to put my clients at ease about it.  It’s not about creating a false, old Hollywood version of you (unless you’re like me, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for).  It’s about accentuating your beauty and giving you a really fun makeover.

It’s so important to me that people who come into my home studio are as comfortable as can be.  I don’t ever want to overwhelm anyone with any part of the process.  That’s just not me.

[blockquote text=”So I keep things pretty simple. I practise mostly natural-light photography, which means I don’t use a ton of lighting equipment.” text_color=”” width=”” line_height=”undefined” background_color=”” border_color=”” show_quote_icon=”yes” quote_icon_color=”#ea2670″]  Unlike Oprah’s team, the “wind machine” I use is a diffused hairdryer.  Don’t laugh, it’s what most photographers use, unless they have a money machine. My makeup artist, Alana, starts out with very natural makeup and then builds up to a more dramatic look. Surprisingly, the makeup is about half as intensive in photos as it is in real life. So although you might feel like you’ve got a lot of makeup on, it doesn’t translate that way at all.

Before anyone even enters my door, I already know what their style is. How they want to be photographed. Whether it’s going to be a full-on glamour shoot, or a casual family shoot. I love to talk to people to find out as much as I can before they get here, so they know exactly what to expect and I know what kind of shoot to give them.

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