kicking off 2017 in style…
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I’m so excited about the new dresses I just added to my studio collection. Like a kid in a candy store!!!! They’re just so glamorous, and who doesn’t love glamour? (Seriously? Not everyone obsesses about glamour like I do?! I’m pretty sure my family is planning an intervention, or just a super awesome party!!!!)

Please excuse the wrinkles…I’ve been far too busy binge-watching TV, eating Christmas cookies and drinking excessive amounts of champagne to make it off the couch to steam the dresses. It’s a Christmas miracle that I actually picked up my camera to shoot these pictures!

2017 is hours away, and I’m ready! This time of year–just like back-to-school September–totally inspires me! It’s all about new beginnings, moving forward, growing, learning and living flat-out!!! I’m determined to continue my quest for everything joyful. I spent too many years looking behind and looking ahead. I like finding JOY in the here-and-now! I know life presents a lot of challenges, but there is always joy too.  I’m wishing all of you an excessively joful 2017!!!!


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Irene Sayers
Irene Sayers
7 years ago

Just WOW!

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