It’s All in the Eyes
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When I welcome a client in to the studio for their photoshoot, I can sense how they’re feeling. It’s not that I’m very intuitive, it’s that they’re usually vibrating and nervous. I used to feel so bad that they were nervous, but now I see it as an opportunity to teach them how to enjoy being photographed. Stay with me…

Before I bring out my camera, my clients get to spend some time with my awesome hair and makeup artists. They know how to make people feel really special, and the process of blossoming begins! When it’s my time to step up, I like to start by reassuring them that their “nerves” are totally normal and that I want them to remember that feeling, ’cause there’s going to be a test at the end (kidding).

It usually takes a good fifteen minutes before I start to see their shoulders drop and their eyes soften, when they realize that I’ve got their back, and that it’s all going to be good! That’s when the magic starts, and the sparkling energy I’m looking for shines out from their eyes. That’s who they are. That’s where their true beauty lies.

When we’re all done, I ask my clients what they thought of the process, because I’m always looking for ways to improve, but most importantly, I want to know that they felt loved and safe. When they come back to see their finished portraits, I ask them if they remember how they felt arriving at the studio, which usually elicits laughter and groans. Most people tell me that they feel completely different about being photographed, and that is music to my ears.

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