From Eye to Paper…
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I am madly in love with printing my own photographs. There’s something deeply satisfying about creating something from start to finish. I’m a bit of a paper geek, and I get excited about trying papers with different qualities. The paper I used in the video is by Hahnemuhle and it’s a flat, matte fine art paper that’s thick. luxurious, and just a snidge off-white. It is fantastic when I want an aged, old masters feel to a portrait. When the portrait was matted with my white Finao mats, it’s was sensational! You’ll hear me thank “Sue” in the video. Sue Bryce is fabulously talented photographer, and my mentor, who is leading a worldwide movement in portrait photography. She taught me and all of her students how wonderful it is to be closely connected to our portraits by printing them in our own studios.

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