Christmas? Seriously?
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It’s about 2000 degrees in Issaquah, Washington today, and I’m sitting here planning my Christmas card photo shoots! Yes, I think I’m so hot that I’m losing my marbles. But come on…who wouldn’t think about all the Christmasy potential with this gorgeous dress hanging around? I defy you not to imagine swishing around a crowded party with a champagne glass in hand and some mistletoe in the other!

I’m itching to get my studio up and running. There are a few things that have to come first, though. Like ALL of my photography equipment, which is packed in a pod in no-man’s land while we wait and wait for it to come across the border. Also, I have to wait to find out if I can change my business name to “Jennifer Findlay Portraits”. It’s such a cliffhanger, isn’t it?

In the meantime, I’m drying roses for headbands; collecting chandeliers for each room; spending WAY too much money on crazy dress sales; and unpacking boxes. I keep unwrapping stuff that should have been chucked out…er…recycled in Canada (sorry, eh). Now I just have to start putting my face in front of people at social and business functions. Wish me luck!

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