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So many plans and dreams were ruined by this crazy pandemic.

The worldwide Class of 2020 had the rug pulled out from beneath them, brides and grooms were robbed of the chance to celebrate their weddings, and families couldn’t gather to comfort each other and say goodbye to loved ones.

I know life will carry on and the pandemic will seem like a bad dream, but I wonder how our priorities will change. For me, it became crystal clear that I value relationships far above everything else. Friends, family, community…that’s what really matters.

How does this all relate to photography? Photos are even more important to me than ever.

My father died on March 4, at the beginning of the pandemic and my first impulse was to find as many photos of him as I could. It was comforting to see his face. I cherish them.

My daughter dreamed about her first year at college, but it definitely didn’t turn out the way she expected it. I took this photo the day we cleaned out her dorm room. I really wanted it to capture the frustration she felt. The ominous size of the wall behind her, the sharp lines of the building, and her posture all communicate her disappointment. One day, she’ll be able to show her grandchildren what it was like to live through a pandemic.

I hope you’re all staying safe and taking lots of photos!

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