Glamour Photography Not Just Sexy
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For me, contemporary glamour photography is all about capturing that special moment when a woman shows me who she really is. Her physical beauty is really just a happy by-product. I get the best shots when she feels comfortable expressing her joy and starts to feel proud of who she is in that moment. So instead of thinking that “glamour” is only something sexy, I like to think of it as something powerful, smart, funny, strong, gorgeous, beautiful, fierce. Just because a woman looks gorgeous in a photograph, doesn’t mean she hasn’t got depth and isn’t capable of amazing things >>

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Glamour Puss Wardrobe
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My studio wardrobe is bursting at the seams with the gorgeous pieces that I find every once-in-a-while. I found these two beauties in an amazing little consignment shop, Absolutely Fabulous Consignment, in Kirkland, Washington. I always find gorgeous items in U.S. consignment shops >>

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Before & After Joy
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We were in stitches laughing when I told her to look “completely depressed and dejected” exactly like every driver’s license and passport photo ever taken of me. She could barely contain herself. I wanted an over-the-top-cheesy-fake-worse-than-real-life mugshot

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What Is Glamour Photography?
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My work is all about combining fashion and makeovers. I absolutely love giving women of all ages the rare opportunity to do something for themselves. Usually they’re the ones taking the photos, so they rarely end up in photo albums—where’s mom? This way, they get to play dress-up and be a pampered super model for the day!

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What To Wear In Photography
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My first piece of advice is to wear similar colours so that one outfit doesn’t overpower another. It’s jarring for the eye and rarely works well in portraits. There are a few colours that are a little tricky in photos, even if you’re wearing all the same colour.

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Cinderella Before & After Makeovers
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I just never get tired of “Before & After” transformation photos. I think it’s ridiculous to use the flogged-to-death tricks for making people look like they’ve hit rock-bottom in their before photos. Hey advertisers… we’re not idiots!

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Portrait Photography Lighting
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My style of photography is 99% based on natural lighting. It gives portraits a fresh, contemporary look–definitely not like anything out of the 70s and 80s playbook of portrait photography. Remember those hilarious studio portraits from the 80s? With people staring off into space with an eerily-serene, plastered-on smile that scares their families >>

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Glamour Photographer Crazy
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We had lots of laughs making the Youtube video. Video’d a hilarious first cut, and then came up with the more professional, potty-mouth-free version that I published. We were in stitches planning our next videos! Stay tuned, we’re almost certain to become famous for making idiots out of ourselves (hey…anything for fame) >>

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Watch A Photoshoot
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The art of photography is magical and this behind-the-scenes tour reveals how much work goes into a professional photoshoot! It’s amazing to watch a subject come alive in still photographs especially if they have also had a glamorous makeover.

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Oprah’s Glamour Photography
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Hey… look… Oprah’s got her glam on! To celebrate her 15th year publishing O Magazine, she underwent a glamour photo shoot, and the results are gorgeous! It’s interesting that they’re calling this her glamour cover, ’cause I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other more “glamourous” photos on the cover. My point is that although she’s glamourous, she’s not over the top >>

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