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I think his exact words at 10 p.m. on Sunday were, “I hate crafty shit”. The last time my husband, Mark, and I attempted to wallpaper together was in 1992 when we lived in a small cottage and we were wallpapering our bedroom. It ended in a near-miss with divorce court and me demanding that he go outside to do some gardening…in two feet of snow!!!!! Well, it was snowing and we took shot at wallpapering together again. And, of course, Stella thought she was helping the situation the whole time!!!!!

My patience for “crafty shit” has waned considerably since 1992 too, so I decided to enlist him in preparing a backdrop for my photoshoot. He’s a patient man. I’m really lucky to have him at my back in the pursuit of my dreams. He knows how passionate I am about my photography, and he puts up with lots of glitter, tulle and girly wallpaper. God bless him!

I will definitely post the pictures from the Versailles-esque photoshoot I’m doing tomorrow. I’m soooo excited about it.


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7 years ago

Wallpapering has never been a crafty hobby for couples that I know of.Jenn!………… however hiring a person to do the wall papering can be as bad as I have never been so lucky as to get a perfect job done from a professional with the really expensive wallpaper I bought years back.
So, I think the dog likely helped as who could get mad at her??
Well, I do look forward to the shots from the photoshoot – I am sure it turned out fabulous:)

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