absolutely no plans…
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Something special happened today. I woke up with no appointments. No obligations. No plans! In my world, that’s when magic happens ’cause I get to play. First order of business….coffee…it will always be coffee.

Second, I cranked up the music, undressed my mannequins, and started playing dress-up with the studio wardrobe. Bliss!!!!!! I pulled out a vintage 1950’s corset that I picked up in a Seattle consignment store and put it together with a tulle wedding skirt (with an endless train) that just arrived in the mail.


Next, I picked out the adorable polka-dot bustier and short tulle skirt. Yes, I am obsessed with tulle, ’cause it’s a dream to photograph and makes everyone look like a fairy princess.



To finish off before breakfast, I chose one of my prettiest gowns to drape over the dream-come-true vintage chair from France. Ooh la la. Just imagine putting on that sparkly gown and draping yourself on that beautiful chair. It’s going to be part of the  “Glam the Dress Dream Shoot” I’m starting to offer for clients. Eeeeeeeeeeee…just a little giddy.


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