17th century France wannabe…
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I think I must have lived another life in the corseted 17th century in France. I absolutely love the imagery. Lace, corsets, tulle, petticoats, damask wall coverings, gilded furniture…all of it. I swoon when I see pictures of the beautiful dramatic architecture because I imagine all the gorgeous photographs I could create with that backdrop (seriously, I watch a LOT of public television dramas).

I’m heading to France next spring (fingers crossed) and I’m already scheming about how to convince my husband that it would be a huge mistake not to rent a beautiful French villa (do they call them that in France?). Then I’ll spring it on him that I’m booking dream photoshoots for clients at the villa while we’re there. The traveller in him will grimace. The accountant in him will love the write-offs!!! I’ll also make sure to keep the villa well-stocked in cheese, baguettes and wine even though he’s a beer guy. Little does he know he’s going to hold the reflectors for me!!!!

I’m going to have to figure out how to stuff a bunch of gowns in the single carry-on he always insists on when we travel. Wah!!!!!

Who’s coming with me?

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